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The Other Side Academy

The Other Side Academy


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About Us

The Other Side Academy is a training school in which students learn pro-social, vocational and life skills allowing them to emerge with a healthy life on “the other side”. This program free and is available to adults with lived histories of addiction, incarceration, and homelessness. Many attend the Academy as an alternative to facing long-term incarceration while others walk-in off the street seeking help to repair the lives they've destroyed.
The Academy is a long term, 30 month, residential commitment. Lasting change requires intensive on-site education and practice. We teach students both fundamental personal management and relationship skills like keeping one’s promise, accountability, love, charity, and dependability. At The Other Side Academy, students will awaken to their own value as they support their peers in finding theirs. In addition to learning self-governance, students work full time at one of our vocational training schools. We are self-sustaining through these training schools. Through the process of taking back their lives students learn marketing, business and trade skills.